Our Plastic Blank Cards are perfect for all ID card printers. These cards are suitable for printing as ID cards, membership cards, loyalty cards, door access cards, business cards and many other such uses. Our plastic blank cards have been especially manufactured and packaged to be clean from dust.

Blank plastic cards are available in various formats:

Plain Blank Cards

Blank plastic cards are available in plain white, as well as a variety of other plain colors or metallic color. These are all ISO standard credit-card size and thickness; however cards of different thickness and finish are also available.

Magnetic Stripe cards are available with either a Hi-Co or Lo-Co magnetic strip. H-iCo format cards are suitable for longer lifetime cards requiring stronger durability. Lo-Co magnetic stripe format is suitable where cards are not subjected to hard wear and tear. Note that H-iCo format cards may only be encoded with a Hi-Co magnetic stripe writer / encoder. Signature Panels

Blank Cards with ISO format signature strips on the reverse are available. We can also make card with the signature panel in a different position and of varying sizes.

RFID Cards

RFID cards with Mifare, EM or Temic chip are available in a variety of memory capacities from 1K and 4K.

Combination Cards

Also, all our blank cards are available with any combination of the above features. For example, you can have a Metallic Gold Card with Hi-Co magnetic stripe and signature panel on reverse. Or you can have a Plain White card with a signature panel and barcode printing and so on.

For more information of Blank card feature or request for a design, please contact us.