A well-grounded security and secure access plan is a critical element not only in business and industry but in the hospitality business as well. Plastic key access cards have become a recognized standard for keyless entry systems around the world. The same card can now act as a loyalty card, a leisure access card for onsite leisure facilities and even as a prepaid corporate expense card. Key access cards can also be used as advertising billboards to help promote special offers or even third party offering.

With more than 20 years plastic card printing experience, we are committed to offering high quality plastic key access card printing service. All our keycards are 100% guaranteed to meet ISO 7810 and ISO7816. The application of both hi-co and lo-co magnetic tape is available and the magnetic tape can be encoded. Signature panels and other anti-counterfeit feature such as holograms, UV printing, SecurityDot can be applied to the card too.

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