Magnetic Stripe
High Coercivity (HiCo) and Low Coercivity (LoCo) which means the density of the magnetic particles in the stripe. This density is measured in Oersted (OE). Hico can have 2750 or 4.000 Oersted, Loco can have 300 or 600 Oersted. There are 3 tracks on the magnetic stripe: Track one is 210 bits per inch (bpi), and holds79 6-bit plus
parity bit read-only characters. Track two is 75 bpi, and holds 40 4-bit plus parity bit characters. Track three is 210 bpi, and holds 107 4-bit plus parity bit characters.

Magnetic stripe
Hi-Co Magnetic Stripe

Magnetic stripe
Lo-Co Magnetic Stripe