membership card by the Goldencard

Membership cards

with personalized information add tremendous value to customer service and strengthen a company's brand recognition. They may be used by manually checking on entry, or, if magnetically encoded, automatically verified for added security. With continual satisfaction, our client base and production grow year by year. Our customers includes Official Departments, Health and Insurance Businesses, Financial Institutions, Universities, Retail chains, Restaurants and Clubs.

New equipment Invested

In recent years, we have invested to ensure that we use the latest technology for production and personalization of your cards. So whatever you want your card to do, we will try to provide the right solution for you. Our cards are manufactured to the ISO 760 Micron laminated specification, silk-screen printing for metallic colors and offset printing for specials and full color works are available on all our presses.

The application of both hi-co and lo-co magnetic tape is available and the magnetic tape can be encoded. Signature panels and other anti-counterfeit feature such as holograms, UV printing, SecurityDot can be applied to the card too. Membership cards can be embossed with color tipping, thermal printed and inkjet printed.

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