Phone cards are a thriving profit center and an extremely effective marketing medium. Whether your company provides long distance, collect calling, cell minutes, website access, or any other pre-pay service, our highly-secured encoding procedure ensures that your PIN is kept in the strictest of confidence. We emphasis on quality and security provision at each step of production process, our business continues to grow at an exceptional rate throughout the worldwide market.

Strict Quality Control and Personalisation

After printing your phone card by offset or silk-screen printing, we would process on PIN printing, Scratch-off labeling and Packaging.

We have a set of personalisation to ensure PIN and Serial Number printed in good quality, the scratch panel sealed the entire PIN and they are packed in sequential order. We guarantee there is no duplicated, missing or bad quality cards will be sent to you.

Video Camera Checking and Security

PIN numbering is always to the highest quality, every one checked by video camera technology. Electronic passes are used to detect and record all entries and exits by pass holders. Also, we have 24hours security guards ensure your cards are produced in highly-secured environment.

For more information of Phone card feature or request for a design, please contact us.