Temic cards are ideal for logistic automation, industrial transponder, access control, time attendance and RFID locks.

Temic Card number in the card surface can be used as written or unwritten. In both types of cards on a card and identity does not change the technical specifications so that printing can be done. Temic cards work at125 KHz. Temic card is correctly coded EM Marin cards can work like.

Temic chips, Key formats also may be placed within the TAGs. It does not contain any metal surface of the chip that is not in any trouble.

   Card Model:

Card Type


  Available Technology :
  • Temic 5557
  • Temic 5567
  • Temic 5577
  • Vendor System
  • Payment Management
  • Parking and Hotel Door Locks
ISO Card

87(L)mm x 85.5(W)mm x 54(T)mm

Clamshell Card
(Thick Card)
87(L)mm x 85.5(W)mm x 54(T)mm