PET Card is the rewritable thermal recording material that uses the reaction between Leuco dye and specially designed developer. Using this technology, the visual information can be renewed more than 500 times providing great convenience in many applications. The mechanism of PET Card to develop and to erase the image is reversible and is controlled by the way of applying heat.

Environmentally friendly material and High-contrast resolution PET Card is only 0.25 mm think and it is only 1/3 of the PVC card (like Credit card). It allows the economical application with reduced environmental load. Unlike other rewritable systems, printed image in PET Card has good readability. The image with high-contrast is very helpful for elder person. So PET Card must be the useful imaging material for every generation and for many applications.

Barcode and magnetic script capability Barcode can be printed on PET Card and read directly by any barcode read as other barcode labels or tags. No special add-on hardware is needed. 3 Magnetic tracks are also embedded in PET Card are ready for application use.

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